Your data and account security are of utmost importance in today’s digital age. As individuals and businesses increasingly rely on online platforms for banking and financial transactions, protecting sensitive information has become critical to safeguarding against cyber threats. At CUB, we employ cutting-edge technologies and robust encryption protocols to keep your data safe and secure. Our unwavering commitment to data protection ensures that your personal and financial information remains confidential, allowing you to bank with peace of mind and focus on what matters most – achieving your financial goals.

Know You are Banking Securely with a .bank Website Extension

To secure the domain, CUB underwent strict verification processes to ensure adherence to industry best practices. This enhanced level of security helps protect your private information from cyber threats and phishing attacks. At CUB, our .bank domain is a symbol of our unwavering dedication to safeguarding your personal and financial information, ensuring your online banking experience is not only seamless but also secure at every step.

Know When You’re at Risk with Mobile Alerts

By enabling real-time notifications, you stay informed about any account activity as it happens. Whether it’s a large withdrawal, an unfamiliar login attempt, or a potential fraud alert, instant alerts empower you to take swift action and protect your accounts from unauthorized access or suspicious transactions. At CUB, we prioritize your peace of mind, which is why our mobile alert system keeps you connected and in control, ensuring that you are quickly made aware about account activity.

Protect Your Accounts with Multifactor Authentication

Community Unity Bank leverages multiple methods for multifactor authentication to ensure your personal and business accounts and transactions remain safe. This extra layer of defense helps protect you against unauthorized access and cyber threats.


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